Tennis Doubles Ladder

Thank you to those who have entered our double tennis ladder!

The rules

- You can challenge any pair up to 3 places above you.

- The lower ranked pair must contact the higher ranked pair to arrange a match.

- The higher ranked pair stay in place if they win and swap places with the lower ranked pair if they lose.

- First to 4 by 2 clear games wins the set. Two tiebreak sets (tiebreak at 4v4).

Please only arrange one match at a time and log your result with reception before organising your next match.

Any questions please pop in to reception or email us here.

The Ladder

Angie Bosshardt & Simon Courtnell

Peter Candlish & Rob Bosshardt

Simon Troke & Bob Puncher

Lorraine Hebbes & Richard Hebbes

Robin Ellison & Alison Wakelin

Bob Barrable & Stan Marlow

Sue Price & Lynn Candlish

Mark Himmens & Rob Fairall

Martin Jewell & Tim Fielder

Vic Childs & David Smith

Ken Sikora & Hilary Clark

Karen Claeys & Leah Clifton

Alzbeta Kucerova & Caroline Hardy

Enwezor Nzegwu & Peter Hugec

Jay Smith & John Chequer

Dan Povey & Che Winning

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