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Coming up in June 2015

We're very pleased to announce that on 27th June 2015, Canoe Lake Leisure will be attending the Portsmouth Summer Show!

Held on the King George V playing fields in Cosham, the Portsmouth Summer Show will have entertainment for both young and old.

We will be there with free tennis on some great 'Pop Up' courts. For more information on the Portsmouth Summer Show, head to

And as if that wasn't enough.. We're also very pleased to be hosting the £300.00 Wilson Series touchtennis Tournament on our Grass Courts on 28th June 2015.

It’s the last event before the All England Championships so will be attracting some of the world's best players. If you've never seen the sport played live before, this is your perfect opportunity to see the creme de da creme in action. It's a beautiful setting, with the beach literally only a stone's throw away. Or if you've been itching to have a go, visit to sign up to play and enter! Please contact 07718 660720 for more information.

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